We at Skin Scentia believe skin wellness is achieved with intelligently designed products and a simple, daily routine you can count on. Our focus is on well crafted, minimalist formulas using high performance bio-actives and safe synthetics targeting inflammation, sun damage and ageing for sensitive skin.

Skin Scentia emanated from the emerging science and research of Cellular Beauty to achieve better and more lasting results by going deeper at the cellular level focusing on ingredients and technology that optimize all essential cell function as well as appearance.

Our credo is high performance simplicity. Thus, our Cellular Approach is powerful and simple driven by:

  • A cellular-centered skincare
  • A trifecta approach to protect and repair skin damage from the 3 skin aging evils
  • An esssential skin care line developed to strengthen and regenerate essential skin fundamentals 
  • Pulling in all together into simple routines