Skin Scentia emanated from the emerging science and research of Cellular Beauty to achieve better and more lasting results by going deeper at the cellular level focusing on ingredients and technology that optimize all essential cell function as well as appearance.

Our credo is high performance simplicity. Thus, our Cellular Approach is powerful and simple:

  • Cellular-centered skincare
  • Protect and repair skin damage from the 3 skin aging evils
  • Strengthen and regenerate essential skin fundamentals (functions and building blocks)
  • Putting all together into simple routines

Cellular Skincare Simplified

The idea behind our cellular approach is to support the active processes that occur within skin cells so that the skin can function optimally. Skincare products that enhance the vitality of skin functions are essential to skin health, vitality and rejuvenation.

From time to time, many different skincare and beauty trends have come and gone. But very few are backed by a concrete scientific concept. This is what sets apart Skin Scentia Cellular skincare approach. In contrast to other beauty trends that rely on products that simply give skin a temporary boost or that rely on “hero ingredients” without consideration to a comprehensive approach to the foundational functions that drive skin health and vitality.

A Trifecta Approach

To combat skin damage and aging the key is to protect from and repair the damage caused by what we call “the 3 evils” of skin deterioration and aging

The 3 Evils:


Skin damage induced by sun exposure is very broad and it impacts several essential functions including cell health and integrity, and cell growth. This type of damage is the leading cause of premature aging. Read More //Exposure to the sun (UV radiation) basically kills skin cells and severely damages DNA on those not killed. This is primarily due to the formation of free radicals after exposure. When DNA is da¬maged, cells become fragile, don’t work or duplicate properly leading to premature ageing of skin and increases wrinkle formation. UV rays may also stimulate inflammation. This is another potential source of cell damage. //
As a result, preventing and repairing this cell damage is essential for healthy, younger looking skin regardless of your skin type or age. The two elemental ways we accomplish this is with:
• Sun Screen (SPF 30+) – it is important to note no amount of sun screen will filter all free radicals, thus is equally essential to use
• broad spectrum anti-oxidants. The best anti-oxidants capture (neutralize) free radicals, repair dna and modulate the skin immune system to better control inflammation. Our Prickly Pear cell complex has been proven effective with all these activities at the cellular level and combined with other anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and E offer the most powerful impact in the market place today.


While we all know that sun exposure is bad for the skin, inflammation is less discussed or addressed in the beauty industry. We believe this is because 1) it’s quite complex and a better understanding and research is emerging, and 2) the beauty industry is a big driver of increased sensitivities that lead to unregulated inflammation.

The best way to avoid the damage caused by out-of-control inflammation is to maintain a very strong barrier function, minimize exposure to sensitizing ingredients and use of immune modulating ingredients. 

Natural Aging 

Time and the environment impact all the essential functions of the skin. This is why we need a comprehensive approach to maintain and enhance all the basic blocks for vibrant, younger looking skin (see the full list below). Please note that these essential functions are //. Skin conditions like acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation may require more specialize medical treatments, strengthening your skin’s essential functions helps control most more serious conditions. 

High Performance Simplicity:

Another way we are different is we aim to minimize sensitivities. Have you noticed how many people these days have skin sensitivities. According to recent studies, over X% have skin sensitivities. This is the result of the industry over use of ingredients.

To address this deficiency, we focus on bio compatible actives and dish the use of fillers, whole extracts, perfumes, irritants and other ingredients that have very limited effect on the skin functions or appearance. Our products are based on multi-functional actives, 12 – 15 ingredients overall to reduce skin sensitivities potential that drives inflammation which results in pre-mature aging.

Our ingredients are
90% Plant based
10% smart synthetics (natural equivalent retinol, peptides and growth factors)
70% Organic Certified (excluding water*)

Simplified Routines for Essential Functions

 While every skin is unique, the essential skin functions are a constant. Perfectly functioning skin (think healthy baby skin) requires skincare that is comprehensive to optimize all the essential skin functions:


DNA and immune integrity

Sun Care (SPF Lotion);

Broad Spectrum Anti-oxidant/

DNA Repair Actives

Anti-inflammatory Actives
Younger looking skin Premature aging, increases wrinkles, lines, and age spots formation


Functional Element How to care Benefits of care If ignore

Broad Spectrum Anti-oxidant/
DNA Repair
Anti-inflammatory Younger looking skin Premature aging, increases wrinkles, lines, and age spots formation
Barrier Function (composition and structure)
Regenerate optimal lipids/cholesterol and ceramides balance and structure Plumb bouncy skin from reduced water lost; sensitivities defense; Younger looking skin Water lost; increased sensitivities; drier skin; saggy skin and premature aging
Deep Hydration HA and HA promoters Plumb bouncy skin Skin dryness and saggy skin
Cell growth Retinoids, peptides and growth factors Younger looking and smoother skin from wrinkle and line reductio; more cell differentiation leading to higher protein production Aged skin, wrinkles and lines
Cell turnover Healthy exfoliation Younger looking glowing skin Dull aged skin
Key Proteins (Collagen, elastin…) Production Protein promoters like peptides and enzymes like coq10 Younger looking, vibrant skin Saggy aged skin
Surface Moisturization Emollients (like face oils and creams) Dewy complexion; radiance; sealing Dried or Flaky skin