Anti-oxidant Trifecta

Solar (UV) radiation -- UVA & UVB -- penetrates the skin, causing a variety of adverse effects that damage skin cells and functions leading to photo-aging.

Our WOW ME oil contains a combination of three anti-oxidants --  because each fights photoaging in several ways with complimentary cellular and molecular mechanisms providing a more comprehensive protection against and repair of UV induced damage.

This combination also delivers a synergistic impact, meaning the protection of the mixture is even higher than the sum of its parts.
L-absorbic acid a common form of Vitamin C is very unstable making it difficult for a significant amount of the acid to be absorbed into the skin and it is also irritating which drives inflammation offsetting some of its great benefits.

Our formulation uses a form of Vitamin C -- Sodium Absorbyl Phalate (SAP) that is more stable and is non-irritant.   SAP is basically the salt of L-absorbic acid that is cleaved enzymatically in the skin to release L-absorbic acid (1) and has shown to provide the active functionality of Vitamin C and synergies.