Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the skin and in plants. In the skin, it is located in the deeper layers among collagen fibers. It makes the skin look moist and plump! Unfortunately, aging, sensitivities and other skin conditions reduces the production of Hyaluronic acid in the skin. Fortunately, low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid is easily absorbed by the skin to replace losses.

What we like most about it:

      • It occurs naturally in the skin and in plants
      • It improves the overall appearance of the skin improving hydration, elasticity and firmness as shown below
      • You can see and feel its hydrating and plumping effect with every application
      • It makes the perfect moisturizer in a serum form acting to hydrate in the deeper layers while forming a surface layer film that reduced transepidermal water loss particularly in sensitive skin types because they are more susceptible to loss of native hyaluronic acid volume.