Lipids are the main components of the skin’s protective barrier, which holds moisture, protects the skin from damage and keeps dirt and impurities from penetrating into the lower levels of the dermis. Lipids are a critical part of the structure that gives young skin that plump, dewy look.  Lipids also support the skin’s natural repair process.  Fatty acids are one of the main components most abundant in young, healthy skin and help maintain the skin’s lipid balance to maximize protection, hydration and plumpness of the skin.

Lipid levels starting decreasing around age 20 and over time the ideal balance of skin lipids is also lost.  We looked long and hard for the best possible ingredient complex to support and repair the very important lipid layer barrier function – we finally found our ideal mix with one of our natural ingredients partners.

The role of the skin barrier function in maintaining healthy and uncompromised skin has gained much research interest recently. The work has revealed amazing insights on how critical it is to maintain a well balanced lipid barrier function for skin appearance and its ability to continue to self-renew.

Our Lipid Complex restores lipid levels and returns the ideal balance by returning the lipid profile of young skin. In addition, we combine it with specific ceramides that have been proven significantly enhance barrier function recovery.

What we like the most about our Lipid Complex:

  • It is a complex blend of naturally sourced lipids carefully designed to deliver the lipid profile of healthy young skin
  • It improves the recovery of skin barrier function better than other commercial alternatives as shown below
  • It increases the elasticity, firmness and hydration of skin as shown below

It acts synergistically with our Ceramides Complex for increased benefits of barrier recovery  as shown below