The anti-aging effects of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) on skin were first reported in the seventies and have been widely investigated and clinically tested ever since.

There is a new generation of hydroxy acids - poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) - have now been also proven to provide anti-aging effects with milder side effects than AHAs. 

A clinical study conducted to directly compare the benefits of AHAs and PHAs for anti-aging effects showed equivalent benefits of PHAs in most categories while reducing irritation and degree of sensitivity as shown below. 

What we like the most about PHAs:

  • Offer the benefits of AHAs without irritation making them suitable for sensitive skin, rosacea, and after cosmetic procedures. 
  • They also provide additional antioxidant, barrier strengthening, and moisturizing effects.
  • Because they are bulkier molecules than AHAs, they penetrate slower.





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