Squalane Oil is the saturated form of squalene oil. Squalene is unstable while Squalane is its stable form. The human body produces both forms naturally. Its proven excellent emollient and moisturizing properties have made it a star in skin care. Squalane Oil has been shown to have a superior feel and efficacy than other emollients during and after application. It is easy to apply, leaving the skin smoother, more elastic and radiant without a greasy feeling.  This wonderful oil replenishes the skin-plumping oils that deplete with age, helping to restore the skin barrier function resulting in skin that’s hydrated, stronger, glowing and positively youthful.

What we like most about Squalane Oil:

  • Instantly hydrates locking-in essential moisture and prevents dryness and chapping.
  • Leaves skin exceptionally soft and smooth. Helps reduce signs of redness and irritation.
  • It’s ideal for all skin types including dry, sensitive, oily and acne-prone
  • It prevents dryness and chapping
  • It’s non-greasy


RATING: 0-1 = Very Low potential for blocking pores
Good for: Most Skin Types including acne prone skins
Medical definition of comedogenic : tending to clog pores especially by the formation of blackheads