PURA NATURA products are best described as plant-based science-driven bio-cosmeceuticals that are focused on skin fitness and are sensitivity minded.









we set out...best and evidence driven, proven....we learnt along the way...more performance without irritation...as a result our products are great for all skin types 

After years of research, these are the decisions we made and why...

So, what does all that mean?   

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Why all natural?


There are other things that make our products "unique" - the way we formulate, the way we manufacture...


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Key features--------------Cons
Technically, healthy skin is skin free of disease. Dermatology is primarily focused on treating skin diseases and conditions like eczema, rosacea, infections and other disorders. Many of the products used by dermatologists are pharmaceuticals that are developed as medical treatments for diseases - meaning medicine. 
Medical grade on the other hand means very little...
Conventional skin care has been focused on enhancing appearance often superficially, particularly in the US. This approach has been driven by.
Natural skin care originated more from the use of botanical remedies //////They use whole plant extracts . While they don’t often provide advanced care, they are beneficial to the skin because of the ////nutrients and mmm.
More recently, the concept of cosmeceuticals has evolved. These are science-driven products developed like pharmaceuticals but are focused on skin appearance as opposed to disease. Many of the ingredients used in this type of products have made their way to mass brands, the difference is often in efficacy.
As a bio-cosmeceutical we are ........
Why focused on skin fitness?
Why all natural ingredients?